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For First Time Clients

You're new to coaching, and want to test the merchandise before you buy. We invite you to do so. In this 60 min. session we will identify your goals and begin to identify the barriers that stand in the way of your transformation. You will leave with a sound sense of direction and understand the power of coaching. (For 1st time clients only)

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6 Full Sessions

You are at a crossroads and ready for TRANSFORMATION.  It's time to invest in yourself and find the purposeful career your heart seeks.  Our PurposeFULL Career package includes 6-75 min sessions, which will propel you to your NEXT LEVEL

In our sessions you will:

  • Understand and optimize your purpose (Who you wish to serve, Why, and How you make an impact in the world)

  • Understand your unique leadership style and be able to tell your leadership story

  • Understand and improve your communication style

  • Build on your strengths and improve on areas of difficulty

  • Understand and address blind spots

  • Achieve your goals and objectives, including nailing your next career role, being excellent in your current role or being promoted to your next position

The combination of your intention and commitment, with the thought partnership and guidance from PurposeFULL Seed, combined with our proven framework for achieving success, will ensure that you achieve your goals.

You are SO worth the investment. Transformation is ahead!


Power Up!

You're eager to experience the power of coaching, but wish to do so in short bursts. No worries! Short bursts of inspiration can spark the fire within!  Choose this session if you just need a spark to catalyze your thinking. Or, perhaps you want a brief session to prepare for a job interview. This 60 min session is for the client who has a specific coaching request, or desires thought partnership to get their mental juices flowing.

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Discover your purpose

Purpose is the reason that we work beyond financial reward or external recognition.  Is this you're looking for?  A career that gives meaning, and joy, but also meets your financial needs?  This is possible.  Purpose is a CHOICE. That means you must CHOOSE to follow your PURPOSE to live a life full of joy and fulfillment!

As part of this 3 60 min. session package, you will take the purpose assessment by IMPERATIVE.  Next your 3 coaching sessions will be spent helping you to gain great insight into how to discover, activate and lead with purpose.

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