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The Number One Reason You Need a Coach

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Executive or career coaching is not only for Fortune 500 CEOs. In fact, everyone can benefit from having a career coach. Follow our blog to hear more about how coaching can help you.

Reason #1: Why you need coaching:

You wish to move from a Doer to a Leader

The truth is bad managers had bad managers, just like hurt people, hurt people. Maybe you never had a strong example of people management or project management. Perhaps you were promoted into a leadership role because you were a good doer, able to get your own work done effectively and efficiently. You always hit your goals, always performed at a high level, so the obvious move was to promote you to leadership. Sometimes this works. But in many cases, it means you never got training on what good leadership or people management looks like.

Or, maybe you were like me and you mastered people management, but the management of tasks and projects was never seriously challenged until you moved into an intense leadership role. Let me tell you, when you’re struggling and you don’t have an example to draw on for how to get out of the deep water, you can feel like you’re drowning! At that moment, just like you would in the real water, it’s time to call in reinforcements!

A coach can help you learn how to better manage your time or your people. A coach can help you to understand your strengths and the different personality types of those you work with so you can better relate to and motivate them to success. A coach helps you prioritize your work, and support you in setting and meeting your goals and those of your team. A coach, just like in sports, can help you win!

So don't wait. Get ready to Level Up from Doer to Leader. Call PurposeFULL Seed, and let us help you build those leadership muscles. There's nothing to it, but to do it!

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