Black Woman Empowered!

In January of 2021, PurposeFULL Seed hosted a FREE 3-day Black Woman Empowered Challenge.  Nearly 150 women signed up to participate in this FREE challenge. The goal was to expose black women to the power and potential of executive coaching, create a safe space for black women to be in community with one another, and to offer coaching supports equipping women to lead from a place of power.

It was a HUGE success, and the beginning of an ongoing experience, giving black, professional women a safe space to commune, share ideas and grow.  Please listen to the FREE recordings below. Check out our Black Woman Empowered E-Workbook, with 15 pages of self-work activities that will be a catalyst towards you being a Black Woman of Power.

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Black Woman Empowered
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The Workbook

A writing journal with provocative questions for the woman that desires to LEAD from a place of POWER.

Day 1

Know Thyself


Day 2

Know Your Source of Power


Day 3

Know Your Strengths