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Erica Harris is Founder and certified Chief Purpose Coach for PurposeFULL Seed. As a career and leadership development coach for private clients and organizational  partners, her mission is to connect individuals with the seeds of purpose that  are planted within. In partnership with her clients she nourishes and nurtures  those seeds, fostering personal and professional growth, which leads to  fulfillment, empowering her clients to have the courage to live their best lives. 

This ability to lead others to purpose comes from a place of personal experience. In 2016, as the organization she helped build started to move in a new direction, Erica felt a part of her joy slipping away.  In an attempt to follow her heart, she had the courage to leave her six figure job and found herself on a journey to finding not just a new job, but a purposeful career.  Her desire was to find work that accentuated her strengths, and gave her joy in abundance. Through this process she gave herself permission to do something new. 


During her 8 months of job searching, she found herself being invited to facilitate team workshops, meet with friends and colleagues in coffee shops and mentor young leaders to grow in their careers. These sessions gave her incredible energy and vision.  So much so that she realized "this is what I'm called to do!"  As a result, PurposeFULL Seed was founded in May, 2017.  A continuous learner, and master of her craft, Erica completed a coaching certification program with Imperative in May, 2018. Since opening, Erica has developed a robust client list including many private coaching clients and major organizations including Chicago Cook Workforce Partnership, Teach for AmericaThe Surge Institute, and Teachers Who Pray.

Personally, Erica is most proud of her role as wife to C.W. and mother to Cory, Leah and William.  When not pouring into others, you can find her listening to old school R&B music, drinking a Chai Tea Latte, and watching professional and collegiate sports.


IMPERATIVE is an organization that studies the science of purpose. We Are Leading a Movement to Ensure Purpose is Possible for Everyone. 

Imperative's Purpose Assessment is a revolutionary tool, used to help people discover the impact they wish to have, their values and the strengths that they bring toward making change in the world.   Want to learn more? Check us out at www.imperative.com, then contact PurposeFULL Seed to find out how you can take the assessment! 

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